Game Design

Donate today to help our students purchase computer, assets, etc for learning how to develop games.

The Game Design Club aims to teach students how to build games using Unreal Engine 4. We start with the basics of a simplified and short game design document just to get the students used to documenting their ideas and working out most of the details. We then move into working in the engine based on each students experience level, some may have never worked with a 3D game engine while others have. We also decide who wants to focus mainly on programming so we can begin working on the foundations of that knowledge through Unreal Engines blueprint system. The others begin to work on building their worlds while testing to find any issues that they may need to fix.

The choice to use Unreal Engine 4 was so the students can use the same engine that is used to build some of their favorite games and is powerful enough to handle anything they want to throw at it. However, due to the fact that the engine is so powerful the school does not have the computers to support the engine. We have applied for grants and are always fundraising in order to purchase computers since we do not have enough to handle the number of students that want to join the club. Once we have enough computers for all the students the goal is to set up the club so that the students with more experience would be able to teach the new incoming students and becoming somewhat autonomous. We also want to be able to set up a summer camp for middle school and high school students to be able to come in and begin to learn and see if they want to join the club during the school year or just to continue their work throughout the summer.